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Bō Conecta joins the 2.0 community, innovating and analyzing all kinds of projects related to technology. We give the opportunity to the formal integration of technological advances giving the opportunity to a potentially active community.


Innovation is based on the study of an objective without a precedent, or failing that, improving what already exists. Technology is our means to innovate and offer new products and services in all sectors.


We manage spaces to be able to insert technological equipment. Developing safe, efficient and productive projects. Creating and increasing strategies with technology and innovation, aligning maintenance and traceability objectives.


The training of our teams is continuous and essential, since it is a sector that advances at a frenetic pace and requires up-to-date and innovative professionals, capable of adapting to all the changes and advances in the sector and being able to create a stable and prosperous environment in technological advances.

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Knowing the limits of technology allows users to interact responsibly.

  • Technologic education.
  • Innovation 3.0.
  • Responsibility.
  • Treatment of encrypted data.

There are many people who would be interested in acquiring professional knowledge. Our main target is to achieve a global balance based on the benefits that technology provides us. Working together with different NGOs and being able to empathize with global needs guarantees us the effectiveness in the execution of your ideas.

Technological Spaces

Equipment with the latest technology adapted to blockchain

If you want more information related to the rental procedure of our technological spaces, subscribe. We have a team of experts at your disposal and an agent will contact you so that we can offer you a project suited to your needs.

With a fully traced export and import service giving the certification of origin so that the client buys with confidence in the international area. We install the equipment in addition to being able to provide 24x7 support.

Renewable energy

Bō Conecta develops photovoltaic installation projects to give sustainability to cryptocurrency mining processes.

  • Economic Advantages.
  • Government aid.
  • Certified energy efficiency.

It is advantageous to use the energy of the Sun through photovoltaics to mine cryptocurrencies.

Once the amortization has been formalized, the energy cost is reduced to a minimum, being able to optimize the profits in the mining processes.


We collaborate with solidarity actions of entrepreneurship and social insertion.  

Bō Conecta collaborates entirely with a group of associations, NGOs and international foundations for the insertion in the technological world and social incubation of all those people who need, under a scalable project, creating value circuits for education and training.

  • Benefits to the community.
  • Sociocultural projects.
  • Sustainable social insertion.

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Bo is a new concept of company led by great professionals

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We needed to train our team and we got it with Bo Conecta

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Great project available to everyone

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Great Business Bo helps a lot to all students


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