Bō Conecta

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Know our bases of contribution to technology.

  • Technology Education.
  • Innovation 3.0.
  • Authenticity.
  • Social insertion.

Bō Conecta is a team of trainers, expert engineers in the most specific areas of the technological world. At Bō Conecta we work for equality and the gap in opportunities that have arisen through the correct formation of the 2.0 world.
We work for the integration of the blockchain world and how this can be a job opportunity for any type of personal profile.
Bō Conecta works from users who want to achieve a basic level of education to professionals who need a specialization to be able to achieve their goals in the technological world.

Our team of professionals establishes the nerve center of the company in Madrid Capital. Capital Pro technological and multicultural that opens the way to all kinds of entrepreneurs who intend to embark on an innovative world, such as the technological.

Bō Conecta works with the best professionals in both the personal and professional areas. From social workers to endless experts in a proactive and entrepreneurial community that needs Blockchain training. Several objectives with endless opportunities in the work and social world.